Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Luxury Hotel Advisors and what services do you provide?

Luxury Hotel Advisors is a team of industry leaders with over 20 years of hospitality expertise in branded and independent luxury hotel and resort properties. We provide advisory services for owners and investors in luxury hotels and resorts, facilitate the disposition of assets, source acquisitions for portfolio expansion, and provide recapitalization/financing assistance. We work with family offices, developers and luxury brands and specialize in independent properties.

Many times, there is a high degree of confidentiality when a luxury property changes ownership. Customers and employees should never see any negative impact and the hotel reputation must be maintained so a quiet or silent sale is often desirable. That is our area of expertise.

What is your experience in the luxury hotel industry?

Our team has decades of experience in the luxury hotel industry and has been affiliated with or worked for Four Seasons Hotels, Rosewood Hotels, Hotel Bel-Air, Hotel Californian, Vie L’Ven Resort & Residences, W Hotels and RockResorts. We have a proven track record of creating value for owners and investors and assisting them in the best course of action for their asset.

How can you help me find hotels to expand my hotel portfolio?

We have extensive industry connections and a deep understanding of the luxury hotel market especially in the US, the Caribbean and Latin America. We can help identify and evaluate potential acquisition opportunities based on your criteria…many times this might be an off market opportunity. We also assist in negotiating terms and manage the entire transaction process. We can even assist with asset management during the transition period.

How can you help me with recapitalization/financing assistance?

We have expertise in structuring financing and recapitalization transactions for luxury hotels and resorts and members of the advisory board are experts in the field. We can help you evaluate your options, identify potential capital sources, and negotiate terms.

Can Luxury Hotel Advisors help me sell my hotel?

We have a comprehensive approach to the sale of a hotel or resort, including property valuation, marketing, and transaction management. We can help identify potential buyers, present the asset in the best possible position, negotiate the terms of the sale, help buyers see the future potential of the asset and manage the transaction process.

How do you create value for owners and investors?

We have a deep understanding of the luxury hotel market and the factors that create value for owners and investors. Each property is different so there is not really a formula for what we do. We do look at the comp sent to see if the landscape has changed and if it is time to reposition the property and we also look at trends to see if spaces should be repurposed for a more current audience.

We help owners identify opportunities to optimize the property’s performance in overall revenue, improve profitability through expense management, and ways to maximize asset value.

Do you work with both independent and branded luxury properties?

Yes, we have experience working with both independent and branded luxury properties. We have also worked with some unique properties that are not the traditional definition of luxury especially in the Caribbean and Latin America.

What is your process for evaluating potential acquisition or disposition opportunities?

Our process includes a thorough analysis of market trends, property performance, and potential risks and opportunities. We work closely with clients to understand their investment objectives and evaluate potential opportunities based on those objectives.

How do you maintain confidentiality during the transaction process?

We have a strict confidentiality policy and take all necessary precautions to protect client information during the transaction process. We do not share any information without prior agreement and we document who has access to the Deal Room.

How do I get started working with Luxury Hotel Advisors?

Please contact us through our website or by phone to schedule an initial consultation. We would want to understand your needs and then provide a plan for moving forward based on your goals and timeframe.

Where are the offices for Luxury Hotel Advisors?

We have an office in Newport Beach, CA and a Caribbean Division that is based on the island of Anguilla.  You can contact us here.

Does LHA specialize in off market properties or silent sales?

Many of our projects are off market as owners work to mitigate the release of any information that might be detrimental to the current staff or reputation of the hotel.  These are also called silent sales where we reach out to select contacts that may be a good fit instead of mass marketingg the hotel.