The hospitality industry is complex, with many moving parts that hotel owners, developers, and investors need to understand to maximize the value of their assets. This is where Luxury Hotel Advisors (LHA) stands apart from typical advisory firms and brokerages.

A Unique Combination of Skills

With decades of combined experience in hotel operations, finance, development, and transactions, the LHA team offers invaluable perspective into every aspect of a hotel asset. We provide owners, developers, and investors with holistic, impartial advice to enhance their properties’ financial performance, competitive positioning, and long-term value.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our capabilities as advisors and brokers sets us apart:

  • For owners, we can objectively evaluate disposition options if selling is the best course for an asset, leveraging our deep transactional expertise to achieve optimal sale terms.
  • Owners also benefit from our strategic recommendations to improve operations, increase revenue, enhance cost efficiencies, and profitability if holding is preferred, unlocking previously unseen value.
  • For developers, we can advise on the most promising locations, upcoming supply and demand trends, feasibility, branding options, and design to maximize ROI on new projects.
  • For investors, we can assess market conditions and dynamics to inform significant capital decisions and acquisitions. Our insight can minimize investment risks and unlock value.
  • For all clients, we can assemble optimal management teams and oversight strategies tailored to each owner’s objectives, ensuring a smooth operation.

Providing a Single Trusted Source

This multifaceted advisory approach is unique in the hotel industry as most firms offer either advisory services or brokerage services. Working with LHA provides clients with a single source to enhance every aspect of their hospitality assets versus piecing together advisors.

With backgrounds from prestigious hospitality brands and experiences advising on a variety of transactions, the LHA team offers insight that few can match. We combine this expertise with an entrepreneurial, solutions-oriented, high-touch approach to serve as a true partner to our clients.

With many activities such as world-renowned diving and snorkeling, kitesurfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, sunset catamaran cruises, high-end boutique shopping, luxury spas and gourmet restaurants, there’s something to do for all ages, preferences and experience levels.

We See the Life Cycle of a Hotel Investment

At LHA, we do not just look at hotels from a transactional perspective or just provide operational advice. Our vantage point encompasses the complete life cycle of a hotel investment, allowing us to unlock value at every stage for owners, developers, investors, lenders, and other key stakeholders. This makes LHA the advisor of choice for those looking to maximize their hospitality assets.

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About the Author

Lindsay Harding brings a genuine passion to the process of acquiring and selling hospitality assets. Her journey into hospitality real estate began with her studies in architecture at Cambridge University in the UK. Building upon this foundation, Lindsay further expanded her knowledge at UCLA, gaining valuable insights and honing her networking skills.

Lindsay brings a wealth of experience in real estate analysis and has a keen eye for market trends. She is consistently seeking out unique properties that hold potential for the right owner. Lindsay’s unwavering dedication, commitment to supporting projects and achieving goals are evident, making her an invaluable asset to LHA.

Lindsay's passion for the hospitality industry drives her to constantly analyze real estate trends and stay on top of the latest news. In her spare time, she pores over market research reports, attends industry conferences, and networks with high-level contacts to gain insider information. Lindsay has developed a keen instinct for spotting emerging trends early, and leverages multiple sources to provide in-depth analysis in her articles.

Lindsay's Los Angeles upbringing gives her a unique outlook on the Southern California market, essential for understanding the complex factors influencing regional real estate.

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