Immersive Wellness Resort Development

Tulum, Mexico

  • Executive Summary

Tulum 3.0: The Next Wave of Wellness, Innovation, and Style Unveiled

There’s always been something mystical about Tulum, Mexico. Famed for its clifftop Mayan history, beautiful beaches and Instagrammable coastline, it has exploded in popularity to become the quintessential eco-chic retreat. The rich ancient history of Tulum is melding with modern resorts and entertainment offerings that appeal to a diverse and cosmopolitan crowd.

Renowned for its yoga retreats, bikini boot camps, and exclusive hotels, Tulum sets itself apart by offering a distinctive blend of spirituality and Mayan rituals. Beyond its healing ‘vibe,’ Tulum boasts an energy vortex, limestone caverns (cenotes), nearby jungle, and an atmosphere that effortlessly nurtures relaxation. Departing from the conventional, Tulum extends the experience to spiritual rituals, cacao ceremonies, vibrant nightlife, diverse activities, and an unmistakable ‘vibe’ that transcends the ordinary. Unlike many places, Tulum caters to those seeking rejuvenation without compromise—an oasis where wellness seamlessly intertwines with adventure and a lively spirit.

This formerly sleepy, boho resort town has turned pretty posh over the last few years, and a handful of luxury resorts have been giving travelers new reasons to visit. In fact, the resort town is so popular that tastemaker brands are setting the stage for what’s next…Tulum 3.0. These are brands that set trends and influence consumer preferences, leading the way in style, innovation, and culture. Tulum is the future home of Soho House and Nobu, just a couple of the notable influencers in hospitality with a vision to expand their brand to this part of the world.

This is an opportunity to invest in a new wellness concept that is lifestyle driven with every guest enjoying a careful curated experience ranging from medical wellness to a purely relaxing getaway. This five star barefoot luxury resort will be comprised of:

* 43 to 123 keys depending on desired scope, for this type of project about 70 keys is considered optimal
* All land titles, construction permits, architectural plans and engineering completed
* Tulum is one of top 3 beach destinations in the world: Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, Trip Advisor, World Travel Awards and many more
* This luxury wellness resort will offer integrative medical and holistic healing, biohacking to optimize health, vitality and longevity
* Prime location on the beach in the Upscale Hotel Zone
* 3 restaurants totaling 260 seats
* Integrative Wellness Center
* Fitness center with group classes
* Recovery Lab
* Intelligent Wellness Design integrated throughout all architecture, foundation, construction, materials and areas of the hotel
* Everything is designed with intention to promote natural healing, recovery and restorative sleep
* ESG compliance protecting the local environment, precious resources, supporting local indigenous communities and sacred Mayan healing modalities

Discreet investment inquiries are now being accepted for this opportunity.

Specific project details are available upon receipt of an NDA. For more information, contact Lindsay Harding at [email protected].