Crystal clear turquoise waters, world famous beaches, robust luxury resort tourism, the oldest European shipwreck discovered so far and a well-developed offshore financial sector…

Any guesses?

Turks + Caicos.

Just short of a 2 hour flight from Miami, this British overseas territory located in the Caribbean Sea northeast of Cuba presents lucrative investment opportunities, especially in the luxury hospitality space.

LHA is thrilled to offer a new investment opportunity to our network & clients in an ultra-luxury destination of Turks + Caicos. With one of our Managing Directors, Stephane Zaharia based in the Caribbean, LHA has built a strong network and presence in this part of the world and is looking for a visionary investor with an eye for tropical luxury.

Pristine beaches abound!

Turks + Caicos is known for its pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, tranquil atmosphere, and of course… the iconic turquoise waters that look exactly like your desktop wallpaper. This archipelago of 40 coral islands in the Atlantic Ocean sees 330 days of sun per year on average, making it an ideal vacation spot that attracts travelers from all over the world.

With many activities such as world-renowned diving and snorkeling, kitesurfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, sunset catamaran cruises, high-end boutique shopping, luxury spas and gourmet restaurants, there’s something to do for all ages, preferences and experience levels.

Can we talk OFCs?

The Caribbean is largely considered to be a tax haven with several major offshore financial centers (OFCs), and T + C is no exception. Following recommendations in 1970, the UK declared the Turks + Caicos Islands an official offshore center, meaning there are no taxes on income or capital gains, no inheritance or estate taxes and strict confidentiality laws.

Since there’s no direct taxation, TCI banks are able to offer their clients higher rates of returns and lower margin costs, amongst other international banking and trust services. The Financial Services Commission (FSC) oversees all regulatory aspects of the financial services industry in the Turks + Caicos Islands.


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About the Author

Lindsay Harding brings a genuine passion to the process of acquiring and selling hospitality assets. Her journey into hospitality real estate began with her studies in architecture at Cambridge University in the UK. Building upon this foundation, Lindsay further expanded her knowledge at UCLA, gaining valuable insights and honing her networking skills.

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