Trophy Asset Acquisition & Redevelopment

Rome, Itlay

  • Executive Summary

Hidden away in the heart of one of Rome’s renowned gardens, this exquisite boutique hotel presents an extraordinary opportunity for discerning investors. Once a magnificent 18th-century palazzo, the property is currently undergoing a meticulous renovation to restore its grandeur and transform it into a modern luxury retreat. With its illustrious past and prime location, this exclusive enclave promises to captivate guests with its enchanting ambiance and exceptional amenities.

The new owner will have the privilege of completing the renovation, ensuring every detail reflects the finest Italian craftsmanship and elegance. From meticulously curated antiques and works of art to lavish accommodations, each aspect of this boutique hotel will be a testament to timeless sophistication. Nestled within lush, verdant garden surroundings, this oasis will offer a tranquil escape amidst the vibrant energy of the Eternal City.

Upon completion, guests can indulge in a world-class Michelin-starred restaurant, a luxurious spa featuring ancient Roman bathing rituals, and a stunning rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Rome’s iconic skyline. This exceptional opportunity allows the new owner to curate a truly unique and unforgettable experience, blending the rich heritage of the property with modern luxury and unparalleled service.

Discreet investment inquiries are now being accepted for this opportunity.

Specific project details are available upon receipt of an NDA. For more information, contact Lindsay Harding at [email protected].